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We tailored our services based on your needs, either for individual or group sessions.


Facilitative Sessions

We are here to listen from you deliver exellence

Seeing real problems in organization sometimes cannot be seen only with one perspective. With facilitative approach, we help clients to plan, guide and solve problems, and ensure that the group's goals are met effectively. Our facilitative sessions are tailored by organization’s needs, where everyone is free to express new thoughts and ideas to make better solutions for all.
We take a neutral stance and put aside personal views and focus entirely on group processes as an effective way to manage discussions, get the best from all members, and bring solution to final conclusion. Our sessions are guided by using facilitative methods renowned by International Association of Facilitation (IAF) and based on practical experiences.

Be UpNormal,
Be the Winner

happy winner

Be UpNormal has become one of our program that has been running for 5 years. This program is guided by Monica Kumalasari, M. Psi. T, and designed with a personal approach to help the clients on achieving success and happiness in life.

In Be UpNormal session, we deliver motivational practices to reach happiness and success to improve client achieving Key Performance Indicator (KPI), foster a positive thinking person and realize their desired ideals.

In this program, our experienced professionals will deliver tailored strategic planning facilitation session to help organizations understand their current condition and make tangible plan to reach optimal goals. We are using several methods based on your needs, from TetraMap approach to Business Model Canvas. We have delivered several sessions to help people in creating effective activities, from solving problems to crafting innovations.

Strategic Planning Facilitation