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Wellness Training

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We provide two programs in our wellness training service, the Corporate Wellness Training Program and TetraMap Facilitation Training. In our Corporate Wellness Training, we collaborate with dietitian, nutritionist, sport practitioner, and sport medicine doctor to create the syllabus. For the TetraMap Facilitation Training, we promote people to understand more about TetraMap and become TetraMap practitioner.

66 Route to
Wellness Revolution

Corporate Wellness Training Program

Wellness revolution has been our leading program since 2012. We see that the most effective organizational solutions mostly come from the people and the way they deal with the problems. Here we create a room for people on the organization to understand themselves, based on our wellness pillar; smart eating, sport sensation, and stress free.

Our program is integrated into some parts. First, the participants will join our two days wellness training. Next, they will be guided to follow 66 days journey to build habit, completed by online coaching to keep maintaining their goal and progress. This whole program is designed and guided by Monica Kumalasari, M. Psi T., from shift paradigm, change mindset, behavior modification, repetition, forming habit, healthy character, and setting goals.

As part of our primary tool, we also provide training for people to use this tool to enhance personal and organizational experiences. TetraMap is a tool developed by Jon Brett and Yoshimi Brett in 1980s. The TetraMap tool has been translated in many languages and implemented in more than 20 countries for leadership coaching and development programs.
The TetraMap uses the natural elements as a metaphor to represent our behaviour. Using Nature as a metaphor makes it easy to start conversations and illustrates examples of effective connections, enabling personal reflection and shared discussions. This helps to create a common language which is easy to remember and use.

TetraMap Facilitation Training

Coaching to Your Nature